Why you should donate?

We are 100% volunteer run 501(c) non-profit. All funds received by SSD go directly to providing access to the space and funding tools and programs for our community. SSD strives to be cash-efficient and operates on ~$80k / year (see our latest financial report for details). Membership dues from our active members cover ~75% of our expenses, leaving a per year donation shortfall of $20k. SSD survives due to the generosity of our community, and those donations have an outsized impact on Boulder’s STEAM community.

Your donation helps to:

  • Provide a home for our high school FIRST Robotics team the Black Knights
  • Provide a home for CU Boulder’s Formula SAE team to operate
  • Give access tools for boy scout troops to build their pinewood derby calls
  • Provide practical skill classes in welding, machining, 3D printing, programming, and more
  • Give local startups an accessible location for rapid prototyping and hardware R&D
  • Repair tools, equipment, and clothing, keeping hundreds of items out of the landfill
  • and much more…

Please consider financially supporting SSD, and help us support Boulder’s thriving community of makers.

Become a Sustaining Member:

We support donations either directly via our membership system, or through PayPal. One time donations are always appreciated, but please consider becoming a sustaining member by setting up a recurring donation. Having guaranteed funding for the space let’s our volunteers focus on our STEM mission instead of needing to constantly fundraise.

Donating Materials or Equipment:

To donate materials, please use our contact form to get in touch with an Officer:

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